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If a tree fell in a forest and no one heard it, did it make a sound. While this may be a topic of philosophical debate, for us translates into a metaphor for the gap between communication and dissemination. If we are creating effective research and reports and ideas but these efforts do not engage stakeholders who would be affected by topics covered, was the effort of ever creating that research effective? Well, we think not. We develop Dissemination strategies for our partners to make sure that we link upstream information to downstream uptake. Working with various engagements models across media such as TV RADIO and OUTDOOR as well as with street theatre and consultation, we offer a 360 engagement platform for clients so that a message can travel down to the most important decision –makers and stakeholders who need to be engaged in the topic in a contextual platform.

NatGeo Workshop

vertiver work NatGeo Workshop
vertiver work NatGeo Workshop

Media Literacy

Sanjhi has developed a model of immersive media education through workshopsthat bring together rural and urban youth to develop narratives that shed lighton environmental and social issues local to their communities. Thus far Sanjhi has trained 80 students in week long workshops led by acclaimed instructors including Ed Kashi of National Geographic and Jennifer Spelman of Santa Fe workshops.Sanjhi is committed to developing various models of educating communities about climate change and sustainabile development in order that the action required to work towards sustainability are built upon a strong awareness of those issues.